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  • Disneyland once required tickets for its rides, and an E ticket got you on the those that were the best and the fastest. Today's Nice Price or.

    This is the story of a Maserati Biturbo E which had been garaged for 12 years and my attempt to revive the heart of this liter twin turbo monster.

    Photo Courtesy: Jeff Koch Maserati Biturbo · Image 2 of Maserati Biturbo from Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car. October .. E-mail: [email protected] USA.

    Maserati official site - About us: This was accomplished by changing the struts, springs, and stabilizers and was complemented by wider wheels and tires. How can that possibly be? The Biturbo name disappeared when the car was significantly redesigned in

    Maserati BiTurbo - Spyder E | Classic Driver Market

    This one is very tempting; very, very tempting. How can that possibly be? There is also a small coolant leak and a few oil leaks and the steering links and sway bars need to have their bushings replaced. So, plan on at least the sale price of the car again in repairs, just to be on the safe side.

    Yeah, the Biturbo is somewhat similar to that sort of thing but probably on a smaller scale, price-wise. How is that a bad thing? I have always thought that the design was crisp and clean , and I still do.

    The original LaSalle clock is missing, which is a problem with these cars, oddly enough. This one appears to have a digital replacement which is probably more appropriate to than an analog clock is anyway.

    The good parts of the interior, other than the seats, door panels, and dash, are the original Nardi steering wheel which is in great condition, and the original Maserati radio.

    Although there are no trunk photos, there is a photo of the original tool kit. This is the great-looking but ill-idling, hp Maserati 2. This is the one with the oil leaks, the coolant leak, and the one that needs a tune-up, and most likely much more.

    But, an early car like this one, although maybe without the clapped-up moonroof ugh will surely become a reasonably high-priced collector car in a few short years. Have any of you owned a Maserati Biturbo or any of the later versions of this model?

    What do you think of the price for this one? Might even be priced high. I know these had problems from the factory that inspired a number of aftermarket fixes.

    A friend had one and did quite a bit of work to the air induction and cooling systems. It ended up being pretty reliable, but cost a lot to get there.

    Very comfortable car though. I was an Italian sportscar mechanic once upon a time.. We only ever had two in the shop.. There were two more in town for sale for less than a grand that had the same problem. I never owned one, but did consider buying a Maser since the prices were almost too reasonable.

    Mike discovers A 1985 Maserati Bi-Turbo

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