Diesel vs petrol engine

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  • Diesel cars tend to be the fuel of choice for those who need to tow, thanks to diesel engines producing huge amounts of torque (pulling power). But petrol and .

    Environmental: lower CO2 emissions means that diesels from before April get a lower tax band than petrol engine.

    A petrol car might deliver up to 30% less fuel economy than a diesel equivalent, but Today's diesels can be smoother than petrol engines too.

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    Diesel Engines vs. Gasoline Engines | HowStuffWorks

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    Here you can get the facts to help you decide and tips for cutting your fuel costs. It is still true that if you look at pure fuel running costs, a diesel will cost less. You will, though, have to have high annual mileages and use motorways frequently to get the financial benefits. This is because newer diesel vehicles now have higher tax, which can cost almost as much as the fuel savings you could make in a year, and there are also concerns over air pollution caused by diesels.

    Take a look at the car tax prices to see if the vehicle you have in mind could be affected. The sale of new diesel and petrol cars will be banned in Diesel fuel also costs more than petrol.

    But if your mileage is around 6, miles a year it could take you about four years to recoup the same amount. With the new rules around taxes on diesels, and some cities such as London due to increases in charges to penalise diesels, resell values of diesels is also expected to be lower, especially if you might change cars in the next five years. Also, keep in mind that newer diesels have a special filter fitted to help prevent pollution.

    Compare diesel and petrol car running costs at the Which? To find out how much your car costs to run, try our Car costs calculator tool. There used to be a negative perception that diesel cars were slower, smellier, noisier and more expensive than petrol cars.

    There are, though, still some large differences in the characteristics of cars using the different fuels that make them suitable for different uses. In , the average cost of unleaded petrol was By the cost per litre was The simplest way to cut the cost of everyday motoring is to buy your petrol or diesel from the cheapest service station in your area.

    You can also calculate your annual fuel bill and sign up for an email alert to keep up to date with the latest fuel prices in your area. You might find supermarkets in your area offer a good price on fuel, but be careful not to add miles to your journey just to save a penny a litre. However, paying an extra few pence per litre at your closest forecourt can add pounds to your final bill. Sorry, web chat is only available on internet browsers with JavaScript.

    The Differences Between Petrol and Diesel Engines

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