1984 mazda rx7 gsl

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  • The ultimate first-gen RX-7 remains a bargain that makes you go hmmmm. Until the arrival of the GSL-SE, all U.S.-market RX-7s had been powered by Mazda's "12A" engine, a four-barrel-carbureted, liter (cu. in.) The GSL-SE would return for virtually unchanged, save.

    Mazda RX-7 Reviews: Read 20 candid owner reviews for the Mazda RX Get the real truth from owners like you.

    Fact! Initially, Mazda was called Toyo Kogyo. Rebranding was held not so long ago, in 1984. The name is taken in honor of Zoroastrian wisdom god Ahura Mazda.

    The other big news was the new GSL package. In our February road test, a GSL-SE hit the mph mark in fewer than 8 seconds, a near "RX The New Mazda RX-7 and Mazda Rotary Engine Sports Cars," Jack K.

    I wouldn't swap it for anything. I sold the car at k miles still running. Its expensive for what it is. And free is good, right? All in all, fantastic car Primary Use:

    Mazda RX-7 - User Reviews - CarGurus

    Will definitely drift for you when you want, and will get out of its own way. All in all, fantastic car. LOTS of power for the little 1. CarGurus has 58 nationwide RX-7 listings and the tools to find you a great deal.

    Ultimately Forgettable Car — At the time I was attending college, and this was the sportiest car I could afford. It was complete, however the engine was kaput. Sooo, the garage that sold me the car was able to track down and install another 13A carbureted engine. It was always a real bear to try to start, particularly when the engine was cold. Choke or no choke, it always just seemed to crank and crank before it caught. The car had a sporty look, but the average minivan could easily blow its doors off, even with the 5 speed transmission.

    I owned the car for less than a year, and was happy to see it go Cloth brown interior and tan exterior Best Ever — the performance all together on this car is great still with the stock 13b rotory motor it rips in a stright line and in the corners it can only get better the only time i ever herd the tires chirp on this car is when my dad was getting off the highway and he didnt realize it was a sharp exit the braking is just as anyother carit is build great accept the transmission It has tons of room for upgrades and a bigger rotary.

    This car is insanely fun to drive, especially because of how it tries to drift on straightaways with no power steering! Lightweight fun car with room for improvement! Parts can be a pain because it's so old. Handles smooth, responsive throttle, and its a wankel! It is a fun car that you will never want to get out! The Gas mileage is anywhere from on a good day with premixing the fuel.

    I'm shooting for whp atleast. That just comes with having a 25 year old car. It's an absolute joy to drive, especially during those winter mornings where sometimes I just don't know if it'll start. Mine's the automatic, you need a manual transmission. The Rotary is my favorite part of the car. No power steering so thats kind of fun. I love to drift. Very old but very fun if you have money to spend. I love this car. It's a Wankel Engine, as long as you keep it lubed it will stay running.

    Don't baby the motor and she will continue running for a very very long time. I still love mine. You need to learn a little about Rotory Engines. Zoom Zoom Boom Racecar — hp 80 cubic inch motor fun insane heart stoping race car that is street legal! I restored and built this car up over the 8 years I have owned it. Big Turbo fun that is about it. Last batch of the production line, the spirit r is the best ever rx-7 of all time.

    The classic is also included in various racing video games at a good price. When the second turbo hits its like a kick in the back of the head. Good handling likes to get the tail out a fair bit. Appearence is awsome looks like sex on wheels!!!! It would be the most fun car i I wouldn't swap it for anything. And the mods have only just begun! Twin turbo 13b, abs, lsd, power windows, air cond, power mirrors etc etc Read More. Build quality- No repairs or strange noises.

    Had 2 of them at one time Great fun to own Later vesion of the 1. Saved searches Saved listings Financing Sign in. Have you driven a Mazda RX-7? View reviews where users commented on categories.

    All in all, fantastic car Primary Use: Commuting to work Pros: It guzzles gas like a V8. I'm shooting for whp atleast Primary Use: Rotary engines sound amazing. Is this review helpful? It handles like a dream. Zoom zoom Boom Primary Use: Reviews From Other Years. Read all Mazda RX-7 reviews. Read all 3 Mazda RX-7 reviews.

    1985 Mazda Rx7 GSL Review

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